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Private Lessons

Private Lessons from Conrad Coelho

By appointment only

When you know which dance(s) you are interested in learning, private lessons give you the personal attention of an instructor to teach you the dance skills needed and get you to your social goals faster.

Private lessons by Conrad Coelho:

  • Ensure a GOOD dance foundation key to all dances
  • Offer dance routines to make your dancing sharper and more exciting
  • Develop confidence to lead or follow, needed for good partnership dancing
  • Teach you new patterns, dance styles and to link patterns
  • Help you understand the rhythm, timing, and musicality of the dances

The studio is open Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm for private lessons. If you are interested, we will schedule a complimentary private lesson for an opportunity to work with an instructor, talk about your dance goals, learn their plan to get your there, and understand various dance packages available.

Group Classes by Conrad Coelho Dance Company

To encourage beginners experience the beautiful world of Ballroom Dancing; we offer a trial class at the beginning of each batch.

Conrad Coelho Dance Company provides group classes to various Corporates, Companies, Students and Professionals. Group lessons teach specific dance steps to a group of students on a beginner, intermediate or advance level. The group lessons are 60 minutes long and once in a week for two months duration. In these classes the instructor begins with women on one side of the instructor and men on the other side of the instructor. Once the group is comfortable with the steps, they will practice the steps with a partner on music. Partners then rotate and practice again to develop comfort in dancing the patterns and with different partners.

Some of the benefits of group lessons are:

  • Learning dance patterns and step movements
  • Additional dance time to enhance muscle memory
  • Gaining independent balance, coordination and confidence
  • Meeting other students and practicing with different dance partners, especially useful when dancing socially