Course Structure


We are committed to providing high quality dance instructions with meticulously designed courses of varying duration and expertise. Care is taken to ensure that the dances are taught adhering to International Standards as set by the ISTD.

We conduct classes at Vileparle east ( Sunday evenings), Worli (Tuesday/ Thursday evenings), Powai (Monday evenings) and Sion (Wednesday / Friday evenings). Various Batches are scheduled keeping in mind the timings of working professionals. 

From our experience, we release that since most of the participants in our classes are employed, its very difficult for them to commit to a twice a week course hence instead of a twice a week course of one month duration, we now offer a once a week course of two months duration; this has been very successful.

We also conduct private classes, group and corporate classes. The course is divided in levels. Each Level is spread over 2 month, approx. one to one hour fifteen minutes every week.

The Beginner's / Social Dancing Levels teach you

The footwork, technique and rhythm of Dances required for social dancing- they are Rumba, Rock n Roll, Waltz and Cha ChaCha.

This would build a strong foundation from which to move ahead.

Also great emphasis is laid on understanding various essential Partner Dancing concepts such as Lead-And-Follow, Weight Transfer, Rise and Fall (where applicable), Resistance etc for every figure that we teach.

This level would also include an introduction to Dance etiquette and Dancing "On 2".

This level is mandatory for all seeking to learn dancing at the social / professional level.

After the Beginners Level, the student is given the choice of specializing in the Dances thought in level 1 or taking up Salsa.

In the higher levels (Pre Bronze and Bronze), the kinks in partnerwork and technique are ironed out. Emphasis is laid on understanding the technique, footwork, alignments, tempo, syncopation, sway, contra body movement etc.

Also theoretical knowledge on various intricacies along with their practical application is provided to ensure the overall development of the student. The goal is to train you in the skill, knowledge and discipline required to become an intermediate level dancer.

Advanced students (Silver and Gold Levels)

Advanced students (Silver and Gold Levels) are taught more complicated figures and routines as per the syllabus laid down by the ISTD. They are trained to attain the character required in their selected dance discipline and are made aware of various finer aspects. They are well polished, giving them the competence to perform and compete at various professional events. Intermediate and Advanced students are also eligible to appear for Dance Examinations wherein successfull candidates are awarded certificates and medals from ISTD, London.

We believe in the mantra- “Innovate or Perish “and thus encourage our students to experiment and choreograph their own routines, developing them into professional dancers.


Every dance has its own charm and thus we regularly conduct workshops in the dances, not included in the regular courses, so as to give the student an opportunity to explore the rhythm of new dance forms. Such workshops are attended by students of all levels (past students are invited as well) and have proven to be an enjoyable learning experience for all! Plz visit the “Events” page for more info on workshops.